New Item

My second app is out now; Slorts! is a cheeky slot-machine game loosely based on our favorite post-apocalyptic retro-future game. I made the first version in about 5 hours, and I plan to make it much more attractive than it currently is. I'm thinking of rewriting it to use GL for graphics, which would open up quite a few interesting possibilities with the feel of the game. Check it out!  

Slorts! Free

16:51 on Tuesday the 25th of October, 2011

Passphraser has done pretty well for itself, sitting at 127 active downloads at the time of this writing. I know that's a paltry number, but when I released it I expected only a few friends would ever install it. It's also been a great learning tool, seeing how the market operates from a publisher's perspective and learning how to manage updates, user feedback and interaction with reviewers. Speaking of that, Rory over at Droid Empire did a video review of Passphraser, check it out! Also have something big in the works, stay tuned!  

Droid Empire

15:50 on Wednesday the 19th of October, 2011

I've just released my first Android Market App; Passphraser. Inspired by this most awesome webcomic, Passphraser generates proto-random passphrases that can be used as passwords to secure things with easy-to-remeber yet hard to guess passphrases. The point that I took from the comic is that the width of the character set included in a password is not as important as total password length in an exhaustive brute-force attack. If you're interested in using a passphrase (even just for guests at your next 20's Speakeasy Party), check it out!  

21:40 on Friday the 7th of October, 2011